As a Data Specialist Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud, I (Ravish Garg) assist a lot of our customers in their journey to Cloud or Application Modernization and how choosing the right database platform in proportion to their business requirement can make all the difference in overall user experience and ensure their edge in the competitive market.

Do you know that as of Jun’2021, db-engines has listed 371 different databases in 15 different database models and if you are wondering on how to choose the right-fit database platform for your application, no matter if it’s a Greenfield application or an existing application which you are planning to modernize?

Check-out the embedded video for details:

Apache Beam is a unified programming model for both Batch & Stream processing

Why do you need Data Pipelines?

In the 21st century, most enterprises rely on scalable platforms & datafication of their services or products to remain competitive in the market. And with the proliferation of data from disparate sources with varying volume, velocity , and variety, Enterprises need a new data strategy. …


Many organizations start small and with simplistic architecture including selection of traditional RDBMS engine, but as their product gain thrust, it unfolds the primary challenges with their database engine selection that is:

  1. Ensuring reliable performance with distributed scale.
  2. Resilient application data to system failures.
  3. Improving user experience by limiting latency.

Ravish Garg

Customer Engineer, Data Specialist @ Google Cloud. I assist customers transform & evolve their business via Google’s global network and software infrastructure.

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